Stangate Garden

In 2012, the garden was recognised as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence, one of only 3 in Australia and 30 worldwide.

Volunteers to help in the garden are welcome - the CSAH volunteers are in the garden every Tuesday from 9.30am to 4pm. Please come along and join them if gardens and camellias are of interest!

Both Raymond and Gwenyth Cornish derived great joy from developing their garden and delighted in the many trees and the bird life there. The garden was already framed by a variety of mature trees, notably the giant oak tree which still abuts the shaded walkway known as Lovers Lane. It is reputed that an acorn was scattered by a homesick and dejected English gold prospector over a century ago.

The Cornishes were responsible for rerouting the creek and the stoning of the creek walls.

Raymond’s sister Elsie Marion Cornish (1870-1946) was regarded as ‘one of Adelaide’s best known landscape gardeners, and was responsible for the design and care of many of the city’s most beautiful gardens’. Elsie helped to develop the garden at Stangate House for her sister-in-law, Gwenyth.

The garden has been extensively further developed following an agreement between the Camellia Society Adelaide Hills Inc and the NTSA in 1980 to establish and maintain a superb collection of camellias and other plants in the garden, making it one of the most beautiful of its kind in Australia.